Sanjoy Roy on 08/07/2020

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker review – stunning trio of dance films

In Hoppla!, Achterland and Mitten, the Belgian dance legend manages a dynamic mix of composition and choreographyThe Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has always been engrossed by music. Rather than “set” dance to music, she dives into the intersections and crosscurrents between the t

Peter Bradshaw on 08/07/2020

Giraffe review – an erotic tale of love, location and loyalty

Lisa Loven Kongsli’s historian has an affair with a construction worker razing community land in this cryptic, enigmatic dramaDanish film-maker Anna Sofie Hartmann has crafted this elegant, muted docu-fiction about our fragile sense of identity and place. It’s a movie whose subtle thoughts are in da

Cath Clarke on 08/07/2020

Perfect 10 review – teen drama marks the arrival of a special talent

Eva Riley’s debut feature is a dazzling coming-of-age tale lit up by a pair of remarkable first-time performancesNot quite a perfect 10. But still, Scottish director Eva Riley smashes it with her debut feature, a gritty and tender portrait of a teenage gymnast who meets her half-brother for the firs

Benjamin Lee on 08/07/2020

Work It review – engaging Netflix teen comedy dances to a familiar beat

A predictable yet breezily entertaining and well-acted high school comedy sees a ragtag dance crew aiming for the topThere’s an easy sleepover movie charm to Netflix comedy Work It, a charm that’s proved harder to find in their many other teen offerings of late. It’s a familiar package – dance, roma

Jonathan Jones on 08/06/2020

Es Devlin and Machiko Weston: I Saw the World End review | Jonathan Jones

Imperial War Museum onlineMarking 75 years since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, stage designers Es Devlin and Machiko Weston have made a film of immense power – but it won’t be seen as it was meant to We live in an age that is morally confused. Someone with more sensitivity than sense has ca

Cath Clarke on 08/06/2020

Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal review – animated fable is shorn of excitement

The anthropomorphic animals from 2016 are back despite public demand in a well-meaning but tame family film A hair of the dog that no one ordered, here’s a sequel to the ropey Russian family animation Sheep and Wolves, in which predator and prey learned to live together in happy-clappy vegetarian ha

Peter Bradshaw on 08/06/2020

Endings, Beginnings review – seriously middling

Shailene Woodley is caught between two smouldering, bearded stools in an earnest drama that lacks storytelling nousThere’s a lot going on in Drake Doremus’s flawed, serious-minded movie about relationships and personal growth – more going on, in fact, that can be successfully expressed in the runnin

Leslie Felperin on 08/05/2020

Casting review – film-set furore is a meta-salute to Fassbinder

A director fends off meddling execs and egotistical actors while remaking a German classic in this ensemble satireIn a German film studio amid a half-built set, documentarian-turned-feature director Vera (Judith Engel) is trying to pull together a remake of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1972 film The B

Ellen E Jones on 08/05/2020

Echo review – a mesmerising mosaic of Icelandic festivities

Universal themes are enlivened with local detail in this poignant, painterly compilation of 56 single-shot vignettesDon’t waste time looking for a narrative thread or common character in Echo. The third feature from director Rúnar Rúnarsson is a series of single-shot vignettes (56 in total), connect

Ellen E Jones on 08/05/2020

Mortal review – angsty Norse gods leave you praying for the end

A troubled youngster learns to channel his superpowers in this by-the-numbers fantasy. But the scenery is greatNorwegian filmmaker André Øvredal turned Hollywood heads in 2011 with his local folkloric fantasy Troll Hunter. So it must irk him that the definitive movie franchise about the Old Norse go

Andrew Pulver on 08/05/2020

Anelka: Misunderstood review – subtle portrait of an enigmatic talent

From a quenelle salute to World Cup controversy, the brilliant short-fuse striker comes with baggage, and this film does a fair job with some fraught materialA galaxy of major names – including Thierry Henry, Arsène Wenger and Didier Drogba – line up to chip in their two-penn’orth on one of the grea

Peter Bradshaw on 08/05/2020

Papicha review – repression and rebellion in war-torn Algeria

A fashion student kicks back against misogyny and religious extremism in Mounia Meddour’s ambitious directorial debut The title is Algerian slang for “cool girl” or “rebel girl” and Algerian film-maker Mounia Meddour brings a lot of empowering energy to this autobiographical debut feature, set in th

Peter Bradshaw on 08/03/2020

Howard review – the lyricist who made Disney's hits soar

Howard Ashman injected musical thrills into animations such as Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, as this exciting documentary showsThere’s something exciting about a film that immerses you in the life of a creative artist, and so it proves with this documentary about Howard Ashman. He was the fierce

Peter Bradshaw on 08/03/2020

Boys State review – amazing study of teenagers running for pretend office

The gloves and training wheels come off as a group of smart, poignantly naive and utterly insufferable Texas boys get together to simulate governmentIt’s not clear to me if this is a heartwarming study in young people’s idealism or a Lord of the Flies bloodbath with smug feral demons in white T-shir

Holly Williams on 08/02/2020

Antkind by Charlie Kaufman review – absurdism ad infinitum

The idiosyncratic screenwriter’s bloated debut novel – about an idiosyncratic screenwriter – is a slogAntkind is the debut novel of Charlie Kaufman, the Being John Malkovich and Synecdoche, New York film-maker, and its premise is incredibly, well, Kaufmanesque. A film critic named B Rosenberg discov

Simran Hans on 08/02/2020

Make Up review – an eerie erotic awakening in a caravan park

A young woman suspects her boyfriend of infidelity in this striking drama set in off-season CornwallBritish writer-director Claire Oakley’s striking feature debut transforms an off-season caravan park in Cornwall into a haunting hall of mirrors. Eighteen-year-old Ruth (Molly Windsor) is visiting her

Mark Kermode on 08/02/2020

Summerland review – wartime wonderment with Gemma Arterton

The British actor excels as a crotchety loner who takes in a child evacuee in Jessica Swale’s uplifting debut featureWhat a lovely, hopeful and rather magical movie this is. The feature debut from writer/director Jessica Swale, whose impressive theatre CV includes the Olivier award-winner Nell Gwynn

Simran Hans on 08/01/2020

Unhinged review – darkly funny tale of road rage

Russell Crowe’s car chase thriller is an entertaining send-up of emasculated menStuck in standstill traffic, single mum Rachel (the sparky Caren Pistorius) is late dropping her son, Kyle (Gabriel Bateman), at school and on the verge of being fired from an already precarious freelance hairdressing gi